Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Every drawing that I drew..

was never ever as cute as you." Rummaging through my room resulted in the discovery of some really old pictures, my hellogoodbye cd, and some clothes I forgot I had. I love finding little lovelies. It made my day.

Today I received a package.

I was SO excited. I love receiving mail. This lovely package was from my cousin Kimmie and her sweet family. It contained a lot of wonderful goodies.

Thank you so much Seymour family!

Sir Little and I FINALLY created ourselves a crafting place in his apartment, the dorm was a terrible place to craft at, and it is wonderful. Patrick has decided to take up sewing also and is working on a shirt this very moment, I'm so excited we get to do this together.

Patrick's mom gave him this awesome machine the other day, it's pretty vintage.

A midst all the moving around, Patrick made himself a study area in the spare room. It's very nice and his roommates seem to like it as well.

The finished space! We still have a bit of organizing to do but at least we have a place to sew now.

We are working on getting an inspiration board up on the wall which I am super excited about. Maybe I'll be more inspired to actually get some work done now. Having a neat organized place seems to do that.

Organizing puts my mind at ease, you should try it also. Have a wonderful evening!


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