Friday, February 19, 2010


I haven't been to school in the past two days, you could say I'm a slacker. It's probably because I'm a procrastinator at it's best.
I have a huge sociology project due Sunday. A 5 page essay on Technology and Cultural Lag, a test, and a discussion board on Music and Southern Culture. I'm not a fan of sociology, good thing my boyfriend is.

On a lighter note, Patrick and I are going to pick up his cat today. I am SO excited. A friend of ours is giving her to us because she is not home very much and wants her to have a good home. The cat's name is Darby, she's an inside cat, and goes outside on a leash, how cute.

I want another tattoo. Some friends of mine went last night and got tattooed by Shauna Holley and they are phenomenal. If I get another one, she will most
likely be doing it.

and recently I got this
I do love my tattoos, but my tattoo itch is not satisfied (sorry mom).

I like today, it will be beautiful.


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  1. i love your sparrow with the needle and thread!!!!