Saturday, July 24, 2010

Faler Reunion 2010

Two days in and I've already failed my "Daily Photo" challenge. In my defense, however, I have not been in contact with any Wifi. So technically, it's not my fault.

This week, my family is having our, 10th annual, Faler Family Reunion at the beautiful Harvest Ministries. It's this quaint little lodge in the middle of nowhere that sits on a beautiful lake. It's the perfect end of Summer getaway and, of course, it's wonderful to see my sweet family, eat yummy food, and challenge each other to a game of hand & foot (it's a card game Faler tradition.) I love the downtime and lounging around in shorts and a t-shirt without a thing in the world to do other than eat, nap, and fellowship. At the end of the week we always leave with a sense of love, dirty feet, and wonderful memories. Perfection.

Hand and Foot
Brooklyn and Liam
Team Edward.

Anna Caroline
Sweet Caroline.

Dirty Feet
Told you we get dirty feet.

Nana and the babies
Charades by Miss Sophie Nelson entertains us at night.

I love my sweet family.

Enjoying family,

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