Monday, July 12, 2010

This is why I'm hot

Thanks Mississippi for being the hottest place ever.
Thanks Laurel for being the cutest town ever and for streets to take nice bike rides on.
and thanks Kitty for always being there to cuddle with me.


But in all seriousness, I am so thankful for my life.
The Lord has truly blessed me with so many wonderful people.
I hate that we (some people) only become thankful when a tragedy has happened, I know I'm one of them. My thoughts and prayers are reaching out towards the victims (and their families) who were involved in the bombing in Uganda.
One of the Americans that were killed was a guy named Nate "Oteka" Henn. I didn't know Nate, but he was a huge advocate for Invisible Children and many of my close friends knew him.
So please keep the wonderful people at Invisible Children and of course Nate's family in your prayers.
Read this article for more information.

Also, among the turmoil in Uganda I have a friend headed there today and another friend already there doing mission work.
They could use your prayers as well.
All in all, Uganda needs us right now.
Prayer is stronger than you think.

In thankfulness,

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  1. Cutest picture I've seen in a while of a kitty and their owner :]