Saturday, October 9, 2010

Loblolly Festival

So as many of you know Anchor & Sparrow made its debut to the crafting world last week at Loblolly Festival. First of all, I love Loblolly. LOVE. It's so fun with all the crafts, yummy food, and great music right in the heart of downtown Laurel. Plus the weather is always fantastic. This year Anchor & Sparrow had a booth and even though we were a little scared we would fail, it was a huge success! I was so happy on how the public perceived it and how much we actually sold! Kayla and I can't wait to get started with new ideas and more craft shows! We went to Loblolly with over 70 hair accessories and brought home maybe 12.
It's so encouraging when people love what you create.



Kayla makes THE cutest crocheted flower headbands.



We had a little instax fun.

My favorite person Kristie Reddoch came to see us! Kristie is a local musician who is out of this world. She's famous in our little community.


What we went home with. We were busy bees.

Photo 74
And since we didn't have a tent, the sun gave us nasty sunburns. It was well worth it though.

Anchor & Sparrow will soon have an online store (cross your fingers) and we can't wait to cater to even MORE people outside of our small Mississippi town.

Have a wonderful day.

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