Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 1

See this face? It's the face of someone who does not want to give up her comfy place on the couch to workout.

Why can't I just wish myself in shape? Now that's something someone needs to invent. "Stay in bed, be lazy and still be in shape." I assure you it'd be a best seller.

But since I made an oath I should persevere and keep it.
I've been staying at my mom's house for the past week which means no access to a gym and no food. (My mom's always been the worst at grocery shopping.) We do have cereal though.

Special K cereal with 2% milk.
I admit it's not the best thing ever for a girl looking to get in shape, but at least it's better than those cinnamon rolls in the fridge.

In terms of working out, I plan to do yoga and, if the weather allows, a 20 minute run.
I love working out. I love working out. I love working out.

Affirmations are the way to go.

1 comment:

  1. oh my, if ONLY we could wish ourselves into shape... I'd be the happiest girl in all South Africa :)