Friday, January 29, 2010

hello hello

So we had a few mishaps with our Anchor&Sparrow website so we are having to completely start over with a new blog and I'm going to put the products on etsy instead of on the webpage. I figured it might be somewhat easier to get my business started.

Today has been a wonderful, dreary rainy day. Who said we have to be sad on a gloomy day? I've had some wonderful laughs with some wonderful friends today and a great day at work. My job is a blessing and I'm so happy to work with such great people.
Life is beautiful.

Last night my sister and I had a photo shoot for her pageant. She's so beautiful. As soon as I get done with editing and such, I will share.

I hope tonight is a night of crafts and quality time with Sir Patrick. I need to start working on some new products so I can get them online.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, beautiful night.

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