Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm on the lookout

For a cute cottage/house/apartment in Hattiesburg, preferably in downtown or SUPER close to USM. Hopefully this search will be successful.

Exciting news for Anchor & Sparrow!
We will have a booth at the Laurel, Mississippi Farmers Market in June and I am SO excited.Things are starting to look up for us as our clientele is steadily increasing.
Everyone seems to love our products and seeing them happy makes me happy.

And I must say that I have the cutest family/friends ever.See for yourself.

To-do list for the day:
-American Lit. homework
-Schedule Literature final
-Study for Sociology test
-Read All Quiet on the Western Front by Friday @ 9:30

School, I will be so happy when you're done for on May 14th.
Summer is just around the corner.
I hope to go hiking, camping, and attend many concerts.

What do you have planned for the summer?



  1. love all of these pictures.

    what do i have planned for the summer... well lots of campfires, swimming in the lake, taking lots of senior portraits of the locals, and moving to chicago!

  2. Great mom has a Yorkie that looks identical to that one...she even wears little bows like that.
    This summer, I'm planning on reading TONS of books, painting, visiting my aunt in Birmingham, fishing, and HOPEFULLY going on a little mini-vacay!

  3. I love that Anne and I made it on this post :) ..I hope the home search goes well!

  4. Congrats on the farmer's market! I think your bows are too cute!

    This summer I plan on baking, reading, and going on lots of thrifting trips.