Tuesday, April 20, 2010

goodmorning, more like afternoon

I'm up early this morning with my yummy breakfast drink in hand (gag).
I'm on a health kick and for me, these aren't always very healthy.
I'll start off by buying lots of health food. This time it was weight control oatmeal, flaxseed mill, special k protein drinks, boost energy drinks, and a health magazine.
What happens here is I will eat everything within the week and then be left with $1 hot-n-spicy mcchickens from Mcdonalds. Hooray for being healthy!At least I TRY to run everyday.
Anchor & Sparrow has not forgotten about all you lovely ladies that want a headband.I've been overrun with school and work that the headband business had to be put on hold.Now that school is dwindling down, I've had time to make some headbands! I'm still working on the overall concept and some are better than others, but I think I've found a style that I will keep since it has become really popular and I haven't even begun!

It seems that a lot of people really like this one and when people place orders they ALWAYS ask for a bow. I think it's sweet and classic and can go with anything.
I like you little bow headband.

So I have some sweet..."clients"..? that have posted pictures with their Anchor & Sparrow headbands on. I love you all.

Aren't they the sweetest family ever in their Great Gatsby themed family photos?
I think so.

Dawn Trest from Hello Dearie and her daughter Anne are oh so cute.
I'm so happy you love your headband!
(P.S. Hello Dearie makes THE cutest floppy bunnies, check them out!)

Rachel, Patrick's cousin, needed a cute headband for her school photos so of course we made her one! I'm quite sure she was the cutest kid there!

This little lady is Shannon Laugesen and she is a roadie for Invisible Children.
They recently came to Mississippi (check this post) and did a screening. Shannon was so cute and sweet and loved my headband so I gave it to her. I hope you're still loving it!

So Anchor & Sparrow is FINALLY starting to take off and it's so exciting! Be on the lookout for more Anchor & Sparrow updates, I promise I will blog more.

P.S. enjoy the cool weather while it lasts Mississippi!

hugs & kisses- Gabby

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  1. I love all the bows ...they are definitely classy. Can't wait to see what Anchor & Sparrow comes up with next!