Friday, April 9, 2010

it's hard without shoes

Yesterday I spent half a day without shoes and it was actually invigorating. I despise wearing shoes honestly so I liked the fact that I could get away with it for one day. I honestly struggled with the fact that I was going to get strange looks all day and wore my shoes for my first class, then it hit me. If I want to be a part of non-profits and bring out that inner activist that is so timidly hidden inside I have to jump out of my prideful comfort zone. By my next class, my shoes were shed and even though I was bombarded with crazy looks I was able to share with people the story of TOMS. They've become such a fashion statement that I think some people forget the bigger picture of the company; I do all the time.

My one day without shoes opened my eyes on how we take for granted some of the smallest things such as shoes. All those judgmental glances and walking on rocks was worth it for now I understand what a day without shoes is like.

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