Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roadtrip to Jackson

Yesterday was a wonderful, beautiful, terrible day all wrapped up in one. Yesterday morning Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama all suffered severe damage from tornadoes. I know that in Yazoo, Choctaw County, and Holmes that 10 people were killed including 2 children. It's extremely sad but I'm so thankful that down here in Laurel we were kept safe. Please keep these families in your prayers.

On a lighter note, Patrick and I had a wonderful time in Jackson. The weather was pretty terrible from Laurel to Collins but once we got to Magee it was clear skies.
Patrick would have done anything to get his iPad.

Half way to Jackson, Patrick called the store to see if they had any 16g iPads.They had 50.
By the time we got there, an hour later, they only had 7 left.
Kudos to you Apple.

The plan had been to get the iPad then drive the full 2 hours back home.
I however changed this plan.

We visited J. Crew, Anthropologie, Libby Story, and some cute shops in the Fondren District.
Libby Story is a must visit if you're ever in Ridgeland or Starkville.
It's the perfect girl store and has a lot of vintage and recycled pieces!
After an eventful day of window shopping, we had lunch at a cute restaurant called Roosters.
They had THE BEST fries and onion rings.
nomnomnom. Delicious.

Jackson, I never knew you were so neat.

Love you always,

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip! I love J Crew and Anthropologie!