Monday, June 28, 2010

What I've been up to

Graduates 2010

Shut Up
No you

Almond Tea
A wonderful visit to Birmingham and almond tea from Urban Standard.

Play time with Atticus.

Funnel Cake Makin'
Funnel Cake
Funnel cake makin'.

Farmers Market
Farmer's Market.

Downtown Movie Night
Bugglebum Snow Cone
Downtown movie night! Hot dogs, The Sandlot, snow cones, and great people.

Hot days with an iced chai latte.

F is for Friends
upside down
F is for Friends.

Spendin' a Sunday aftanoon at tha theata watchin' HSM2.


Sorry I've been slacking for the past month. I get inspired to write while I'm at work in the dishroom of all places, but once I leave work my mind goes blank.
From now on I vow to write down my random thoughts so I can share them with you.
and I hope your Summer is as lovely as ever.

Love, Gabby

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