Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm tired of blogging. Seriously.
Just know that the Lord is doing good things and I'm growing tremendously.
My love for my friends and others is growing continuously, and I'm learning that a molehill is simply a molehill and not the mountain I make it out to be.
I'm learning about forgiveness, blessings, love, and grace.
I'm slowly becoming less selfish, but continually more emotional.
I hope it passes with time, I'm tired of my emotions speaking for me.
I want to cherish my current friendships, mend broken ones, and make new friendships.
I want to listen intently to the Lord and follow through, not just talk about it.

Yesterday a barrier broke in my life. Two of my very best friends and I poured our hearts out to each other. Even though our friendship wasn't broken, its was mended, knitted tighter together.
My hope in life is to just follow, stop being so controlling, and trust.
Because it's the sweetest thing to trust in the Lord.

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