Monday, November 15, 2010

Recipe for A Good Day

Cold, rainy days bring the grump out in me. Not because I hate the rain, but because I'd much rather be snuggled in my bed reading than walking around campus in the cold, wet weather. Here's I would make my rainy day better.

1. Invest in some rain boots. Even though your trusty brown boots have kept your feet warm and dry previously, don't trust in them any longer. The sole seems to have ripped off somewhat which made for the water to easily soak into my shoe. So rain boots are a must.

2. Invest in a big umbrella. Those small, cute ones with the stylish little print never cut it. They either flip inside out, which usually causes some embarrassment, or their small coverage allows for the rain water to soak you. I fell under the faulty umbrella category. This one is now on its way to me. I will not be subject to another faulty umbrella.


3. Dress warm. I did that most definitely. A hat would have helped though.

4. Buy one of those yummy cranberry turkey sandwiches the P.O.D. were selling. The sample I tried was delicious, but I opted out for Cheez-Its.
Bad idea.

5. Ask someone else to make my grilled cheese because I, just like my Nana, cannot toast bread without burning it to a black crisp. If you're in my family though, you quickly learn to scrape the burntness off so you can enjoy the grilled, cheesy goodness complete with a side of tomato soup.

6. Cuddle up on the couch with a good movie and read the new Marie Claire I received in the mail today.
(Helloooo Emma Watson.)

7. Make time to crochet a hat to keep my ears warm these winter months.

To conclude my day, I'm going to tackle my advertising assignment and possibly my anthropology paper.
Here's to being organized.


1 comment:

  1. I have an umbrella just like the on that you say is on it's way to you!
    It's so amazing because it blocks the rain from every angle. A complete must.
    I'm with you on the rain boots, I wore my old
    Vans today and had cold soggy feet all day. Drag.
    Anywho, your list looks pretty perfect for a rainy day like today!