Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally Finals

Today marks the start of finals week, and thank goodness I only have three exams. I murdered that Spanish test I fretted over all weekend, up next is Anthropology and American Government. Easy peasy.

After my ever successful Spanish test, I met my friend and future roommate Erin to check out
some apartments. We looked at one that was on the first floor. Other than the smokey smell and linoleum floors in the kitchen, it had its perks. It had a washer/dryer hookup with a big pantry and fabulous vanity lights in the bathroom. We didn't really feel good about it though.

Next we checked out an upstairs one which is right by the pool. We preferred downstairs apartment because hauling bikes up and down all day isn't too fun, but we were keeping our options opened. Needless to say, we loved it! The windows let in a lot of light and the kitchen had some great tile floors. It was free of a smokey smell, and complete with a balcony off one of the bedrooms. The bathroom doesn't have vanity lights, but the new marble counters make up for that. The only downfall is that there was no space for a washer and dryer, which is fine because we're kind of hippies anyways.

So today marks the day I became a grown up as I put my first deposit down on my very first apartment. I can't contain my excitement. I even went to Tj-Maxx to check out their household appliances, furniture and such. (I left with some roasted coconut and pumpkin pie coffee and a little Christmas present for Patrick.)

Our place will be the cutest apartment ever with people over all the time. We will have slumber parties, movie nights and cook dinner for whoever wants to come over. There will be a knitting/crafting corner and lots of music played all the time. I will drink french pressed coffee in the morning (I've always wanted to), and she her hot tea. We will go on bike adventures, and she will motivate me to study. She's probably the most diligent studier I've ever met. We move in Friday and I can't wait to decorate. Of course I've already started brainstorming ideas.

Lots of pillows on the couch and pictures on the wall is a must.

I'd love to find a place to do something like this in the kitchen.

This is possibly the best idea ever for extra seating. I have some vintage luggage that needs a good place in my new apartment.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have old bikes hanging from the walls?

I fancy this bedroom. I may have to model my own after this cozy cottage.

I'm so blessed that Erin will be my roommate. I can't wait to start this new venture into adulthood with my new friend. I'll be sure to share some pictures soon!

On another note.
I'm craving a trip to Nashville.


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