Wednesday, December 22, 2010

World's Best Cup of Coffee

Yesterday my roommate Erin and I chose to get off the couch, get dressed up and walk downtown for a photoshoot. We walked all over downtown taking pictures, checking out the local vintage mall and visiting two cool new shops.



Calico Mall is the best vintage store I've ever been in. Downstairs there are clothes, shoes, hats and purses, and upstairs consists of furniture and trinkets. I wish my budget wasn't cut, I would possibly buy everything in that store.

Scrabble Jewelry

Calico Mall
How beautiful is this dress?

Calico Mall

Elvis Costello

Calico Mall
I really wish sometimes that we lived in the 1950s. All the wonderful dresses, hats, gloves and decor were stunning. Erin and I even talked about how guys seemed like such gentlemen back in the day. They would go talk to a girl instead of honk at them walking through town. (Yes, that happened multiple times.) Or at least that's what the movies portray.

After Calico Mall we preceded to walk around downtown, take pictures and eventually went to The Depot Coffeehouse for some drinks.
511 1/2

511 1/2


I love coffee, but I'm very picky. It's so hard to come by a cup of coffee that is smooth and doesn't have that sour, bittery kick after you've had a sip. The Depot Coffeehouse delivered. The service was amazing and the staff really knew there coffee. I settled with the Hattiesburg Americano which was an americano with honey and vanilla. Mmmmm. The whole time I was drinking that sweet americano I kept exclaiming it was the best coffee ever. It truly is and I wish I could share it with the rest of the world. It would probably change lives.
Best Coffee in the World

On our walk back to the car, we stumbled upon a comic store. Neither of us are comic book fans, but it was exciting to see such a cool, rare store, especially, in the south. The guy working there was super nice and I can't wait to go buy something from them one day soon. I love supporting small businesses.
Southern Fried Comics

Our day was a good roommate bonding day. We even bought new boots and socks to celebrate. (Who knew I'd ever be excited about buying new socks?)

Today I plan to finish crocheting the few Christmas presents I have left and start on the cowl orders I received yesterday. It's a beautiful 65 degree day in South Mississippi. It feels like the first of Spring rather than 2 days before Christmas.

How's your Christmas weather where you live? Have you made any downtown discoveries lately?


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