Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I spent much needed time with the Lord.
Ate my weight in bagels.
Had my first roadie breakdown.
Realized that I cannot do anything alone.
Noticed that my team is completely rooting for me as I am for them.
Opened my heart to people.

My independence has always gotten in the way. When I start struggling I never want to draw attention to myself and accept it. I want to be strong for people, and show people I am strong. But strength is not seen by not showing emotion. Strength is being aware of your emotions, not being scared to let people in and admitting that you're not perfect. The thing that completely opened my eyes was this blog post by my sweet friend Jennifer. Read it. Soak it in. Embrace it. It speaks nothing but truth.

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  1. I'm really encouraged to know that God used my blog to help you. I've been learning the hard way that i can't always be the "strong one" who "fixes" everything...I'm a human...and I need the Lord as much as any other...how did I miss that! Anyway, I smile every time I come to your blog, and I LOVE reading it. I miss you sweet friend! Happy travels!